Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tropical Prague?

As some of you may be aware, some regions of the Czech Republic are in a state of emergency due to floods. I never thought I’d say Prague would ever feel like a tropical destination but with 27-28 degree days and 90% humidity it is pretty muggy. We are having hot humid sunny days but then at about 3 or 4pm the massive storm clouds roll in and we get lashed by severe thunderstorms for the next 4 hours. I need a machette to get through our lawn at the moment because I am convinced an electric lawn mower and wet grass do not mix LOL

Now I know none of you non Europeans think this is nasty or anything out of the norm but I now want you re think your opinion after I give you one more piece of information ………….. Ready for it????

It seems a large majority of Czech men think using deodorant is taboo. Now consider being packed onto a metro like a sardine at the end of a hot and humid day and being crushed up against 3 blokes all holding the over head hand rail and none of them have deodorant.

Dead set fellas bad BO does not make you a sex god!

Bad BO does not make the chicks want your seed!

Bad BO does not help the Aussie bloke keep his lunch down!

To give you some kind of idea what its like imagine leaving some seafood out in the sun for 2 days, can you picture that? Now times that by 10, still got it? Now double that and add some - hahahaha

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Different Perspective

Hello all

I recently changed jobs and I have just finished the induction process to make me feel like a valued member of the 500,000 staff. I am not just a number, I am a valued member :D

Anyway as part of the process I had the pleasure of sitting in a room with a lovely Englishman (lets call him Barry) as he took us through the all the standard induction stuff. You know what I am talking about, as its the same everywhere

1. Do not download hardcore pornographic material on the company laptop
2. Do not use hard drugs on the premises
3. Do not slap the bosses wife on the arse at the xmas party

As part of the process we were discussing the difference in cultures as there are 65 different nationalities in the office and we got onto the topic of the terrible customer service normally encountered in this country when Barry asked me a question

"When you go to the pub in England or Australia, how does it work?"

I answered
1. I walk in
2. I go to the bar and order my beer
3. I get my beer and immediately pay
4. I carry my own beer to the table and drink it
5. I go back to the bar and order another one

He then asked me what happens in the Czech Republic and I realised
1. I walk in and sit down
2. The waiter comes over and takes the order for the beer
3. He returns with my beer
4. He takes my order for another beer
5. He then brings it over as well
6. I pay as I leave

Barry then asked me 'Do i still think the service is crappy in the Czech Republic?'

Obviously the answer is YES but it certainly makes you think doesn't it. As Barry explained it all comes down to the expectations. I don't expect it to take 15 minutes for the beer to arrive and then have the waiter BEG for tips. Anyway food for thought

Until next time