Monday, August 10, 2009

Not long now

So this weekend with only a few weeks to go we made a quick dash to Germany to pick up our pram/car seat/stroller etc etc that we had ordered some months ago. The new little Skoda Roomster is a driving treat compared to the Opel Agila we had borrowed off the in-laws while we saved for a car, and at 140-150km/h (remember we were in Germany) still only needs about 7.5L/100km which I think is pretty good.

Anyway picked up the goodies (car packed to the roof :)) and returned to the in-laws to drop it all off. Apparently it is bad luck to have a pram in your apartment before the baby is born in this country so it all stays in Zalany until d-day. We made an in promptu visit to some of my friends playing cricket in Dresden and next thing I know I am padded up and batting as they were one player short. Made 5 magnificent runs before the cover drive failed me AGAIN and we then ducked off home again.

I will let everyone know ASAP when the little one joins us


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