Friday, July 24, 2009

Is the Czech Republic fighting terrorism or just hungry

Hey all

Well recently I was down in the garden of the FIL when I stumbled across a crop of poppy plants. "Hmmmm these look like the poppy plants you always see in Afghanistan documentaries about the Taliban heroin production". After some inconspicuous questioning of the in laws "You're all F***ing drugo's aren't you!!!!!!!!" I realised that it's grown for cooking purposes although I swear I heard something about medicinal purposes in there somewhere :)

Anyway, the result of my research is that it is indeed the same plant that heroin is extracted from except the difference between the nasty drug and a tasty cake topping is where on the plant you get the goodies and how long it’s grown for. Heroin is extracted from the sap of the young plants and the poppy seeds are extracted after the bulbs are fully ripe and left to dry. They are then shaken out of the bulbs.

Some more research told me that it is possible to return a positive return for opiates after eating poppy seed cake or 2 poppy seed bagels. The result of this revelation is that the US lifted their drug test thresholds to take into account poppy seed cake :)

It also is interesting to know that the CR is the world’s largest producer of poppy seed. Now if they spent more time and effort producing drugs, they could flood the market with cheap heroin reducing demand and dropping the price .................. hence reducing the cash inflow for the Taliban. Hahaha the humble mujahedeen gets taken down by basic supply and demand of the global market.

Another interesting thought is that after eating an entire poppy seed cake it looks like you're eaten an entire ant colony when you drop the kids off the next day (shock)

Also I will post some updated pictures of the garden and you can appreciate the amount of potatoes i will have to pick (shit not looking forward to that)

Cau for now

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